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2013 Annual Ponderosa HOA Meeting

Minutes of the 2013 Annual Ponderosa Homeowners Association Meeting

The meeting, held on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at Buffalo Hill Terrace, was called to order at 7:08pm by Elaine Crahan, President.  Thirteen               owners were present, plus 7 proxies, which did not provide us with the necessary quorum to conduct votes.


Budget – Heidi Hagemeier – Budget vs. Actual Worksheet Attached

Questions and concerns were as follows:

  • Why are the dues different across the budget sheet?  Answer:  The $ difference reflects when the homeowners pay their dues; a larger amount pay for the next year before that year has started, and a much smaller amount pay late into the next year.


Committee Reports:

Roads – Doug Dye

  • Roads look good
  • A couple of potholes – could we do it ourselves?  Doug will look into this; otherwise Crone takes care of our roads.
  • Yarus Lane (the back entry road) will be swept soon – the rest of the road has already been swept.


Water – Mitchell Leu – Annual Water Report Attached

  • Our water remains good.
  • The reason we all lost water a couple weeks ago was that a motor starter went out – all is back to normal and taken care of.
  • High price water testing year – Approx. $4000 on top of regular maintenance – reflected in 2013 Water System budget.


Animal Control

  • Please pick up after your own dogs as you walk them! 
  • Please keep your dogs on leashes when walking in the neighborhood.


Parks and Shared Spaces

  • Rocky Mtn. Supervac will be mowing our parks this summer, and Taylor Huslander will be mowing the islands and well house #2 lawn.


Old Business:

  • A work party will be organized toward the beginning of summer for finishing the mailbox cover.


New Business:

  • Two changes are being made to our Ponderosa Homeowners Association Covenants.  Board members have been calling and/or going door to door to collect signatures from homeowners regarding the changes.  The changes are as follows:

1.  Change to pet section – Wording in the covenants will require that animals other than dogs and cats require permission to be kept within Ponderosa.  The current wording is open-ended.  Any “domestic animal” can be kept, and they provide no way to deal with animals that can adversely affect Ponderosa Estates.

2.  Add requirement to notify homeowners of proposed covenant changes – Currently there is no requirement to make homeowners aware in advance of proposed changes to the covenants.  Anyone at any time can circulated a ballot for signatures to change the Ponderosa covenants.  We believe the homeowners should have an opportunity to consider proposed changes before a ballot is circulated.

  • We now have a Facebook page in addition to our website – it is a closed group we hope to use for informational and fun purposes.


Questions and Concerns:

  • Are the service roads that run behind most of the homeowners properties still accessible and usable to homeowners needing to use them for yardwork, etc.?  Answer:  YES  Please be kind and courteous to your neighbors and know that these service roads are for everyone’s use and convenience.
  • Do you have noxious weeds on your property?  If noxious weeds are on your property please spray them or have them sprayed.   John Crahan and Doug Dye will be walking the neighborhood to monitor weeds and removal of noxious weeds.  This is something that has been asked of us by Flathead County and we must abide by their wishes or pay a fine.  The weeds in the park will be sprayed in late spring.
  • Do we need to increase dues in order to have a larger amount in the bank for future roads or pump issues? Answer:  This is a topic we may need to touch on at next years’ annual meeting and vote on.  At this time our roads are in great shape.  We had all of the roads chip sealed in 2010 and this should not need to be done again for a very long time.  We have cracks and potholes filled yearly, and our 3 pumps and well houses are maintained on a regular basis.
  • We will replace the ‘Mr. Slow’ kids playing sign in front of the Remley’s home for the upcoming summer.
  • Paul Holmgren will be taking out the two dead trees on his property east of the main park.

Election of the 2013-2014 Board –

The board will remain the same for the upcoming year.  If you are interested in becoming a board member please contact Elaine.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi E. Hagemeier, Sec./Tres.

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