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2012 Annual Ponderosa HOA Meeting

Minutes of the 2012 Annual Ponderosa Homeowners Association Meeting


The meeting, held on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at Buffalo Hill Terrace, was called to order at 7:10pm by Elaine Crahan, President.  Thirteen owners were present, plus 5 proxies, which did not provide us with the necessary quorum to conduct votes.


Budget – Heidi Hagemeier 

Questions and concerns were as follows:

  • We recently had to purchase a new pump and motor at the cost of approx. $11,000.  The acct. totals on the budget sheet do not reflect the invoice payable to Alan’s Pump.  Thankfully, this cost was off-set by a low snowplow cost this past winter.
  • The line item for insurance jumps in 2011 because we obtained liability insurance for our common areas that we did not have previously.


Committee Reports:


  • Speeding is a concern in our neighborhood.  One ‘Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps’ sign and two pedestrian signs have been purchased, as well as two bright yellow kid signs.  Please remember to drive slowly in our neighborhood!  We have a lot of small children playing and riding bikes.
  • Two Yield signs have been purchased to be installed on the corners of White Pine Rd. and Ponderosa (Holmgren’s Corner) and Yellow Pine Dr. and Ponderosa (Benedict-Huslander’s Corner).
  • A reminder will be placed at the mailboxes in the fall regarding placement of reflectors during winter plow season (2ft. in from the road edge).



  • No concerns or questions.


Water – Mitchell Leu

  • Water Report Available
  • Our water remains good.
  • We applied for a waiver to not test for asbestos – this will save us money and we don’t have asbestos pipes.
  • Next year will be an expensive water testing year. (every 3 yrs.)


Animal Control

  • We have a county labeled ‘vicious dog’ in our neighborhood – it has bit an elderly woman and a child in our neighborhood.  If this dog attacks one more time it will taken by the county.
  • If you have trouble with your neighbor’s dogs please contact that neighbor personally first to try and solve the problem.


Parks and Shared Spaces

  • If you have trees, branches or bushes that are growing into the road and/or blocking road views please trim them back.
  • There is some barbed wire in the field to the south of Ponderosa’s park that John Crahan would like to remove.  If you are interested in helping with clean up, please contact the Crahan’s.
  • Taylor Huslander will be mowing our park area, island and pump house on Ponderosa Ln. this summer.


Architecture – Larry Wakefield

  • If you are going to put in a new fence please make sure the corners are identified – please call Larson Engineering & Surveying (Jeff Larson) to make sure you are following your property lines correctly.


New Business:

  • A playground set has been purchased for the main park area.  A sign will be purchased asking parents to supervise their kids.


                Work Plans for Summer

  • A work party will put together to dig out an area for bark and the playground set.
  • A work party will be organized for finishing the mailbox cover.
  • A work party will be organized for reroofing the well house in the park.


Reminder of the Rules on Vehicles:  ‘Mobile homes, motor homes, trailers, unlicensed or unsightly vehicles shall not be parked or allowed to remain along roadways on the property.  Motor homes, trailers, pickups carrying campers, pickup campers not in use, boats and boat trailers shall be placed in a garage or other location where they are screened from view.’  Please use discretion regarding timing for packing and unpacking of campers in your driveways.

Election of the 2012-2013 Board –

The board will remain the same for the upcoming year.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi E. Hagemeier, Sec./Tres.

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