Pets Do’s and Don’ts

Ponderosa is a pet friendly neighborhood.  This can only be maintained and continued if resident pet owners respect the safety and property rights of neighbors.  Everyone benefits if simple and appropriate rules are followed.


Pets at large

  • Covenants require that pets stay within the property of the homeowner.  The HOA reserves the right to enforce the full extent of the covenants when other homeowners’ safety or property is put in jeopardy based on violations of this requirement.
  • Any animal other than dogs or cats to be kept within Ponderosa must receive approval of the board of directors.
  • Residents should immediately call the Sheriff’s office at 406-758-5610 if they observe pets displaying aggressive or dangerous behavior.  This is a matter of prime importance, for the safety of the neighborhood, particularly of children.  Calling later severely limits the actions that the Sheriff can take to address the problem.
  • It is understood that neighbors do not like to report their neighbors to authorities.  But pet behaviors do not magically change, and the next time someone may be hurt.  It is more important to assure a safe neighborhood than it is to avoid potential hurt feelings.
  • A copy of the county pet ordinance can be found here.
  • Any pet behavior of concern should be reported to Flathea County Animal Control. 758.5585


Walking your pet

  • Pets must be on a leash when off the pet owner’s property.
  • Your neighbors’ yards are not public places.  If your pet makes a mess, do the right thing and leave places as you find them.


Noisy pets, barking dogs

Everyone’s tolerance for noise can be different.  Noise is measured from an absence of neighboring pets.  What a pet owner might consider tolerable, your neighbor may not.  Please respect this point and take steps before your neighbors are compelled to complain.  Noise is actionable by the HOA, city, and county