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Ponderosa HOA Board Meeting – April 2015

Ponderosa Homeowners Association Board Meeting

Monday, April 6th – 7pm


Attendance:  Heidi Hagemeier, Larry Wakefield, John Crahan, Elaine Crahan, Mitchell Leu, Monty Brown, Mark Saubert & Brace Hayden


Homeowners have expressed concern over fire danger in our neighborhood.  In response, Elaine will invite DNRC to come walk the neighborhood and give advice as to fire and beetle danger.  Homeowner lots will be notified of safety changes that could be made.  This will happen in late spring or early summer.


A new address book will be made and distributed by mail along with Ponderosa Homeowners Association financials from 2014.  Heidi will ensure this is done sometime in May.


Annual Meeting Date discussion –

We will again conduct the association’s annual meeting before our summer Block Party.  This will be held on Sunday, August 9th.  Elaine will have an agenda printed for homeowners attending the meeting.


Neighborhood projects slated for this summer:

* Paint all well houses

* Finish mailbox roof structure and paint

Mitchell – construct plan for finish work

Elaine/John – collect paint chips for color choices

Board – reconvene to select one paint color scheme for mailboxes & 3 pump houses.

Heidi – when ready, post on website/facebook/memo board the need for help and             the date.


Larry proposed a motion for. “The board to approve a 2 feet reduction of the 10 foot setback requirement from the property line to 8 feet for Mr. & Mrs. Chris Gill at 364 Jack Pine Lane for a shed construction.  The reduction of right of way from 10 to 8 feet saves 2 large Ponderosa Pine trees from being cut down.”

The board voted unanimously in favor.

The architectural committee also approved a shed for Mr. & Mrs. Gillinghams.  Both sheds will match the color scheme of their houses.


Concern was voiced in regards to the danger of low visibility & drivers not paying attention when entering and exiting the Wellness Center at 103 Ponderosa Lane.  It was suggested that a letter be drafted from the board offering a couple of solutions to the Wellness Center that could increase the safety of all involved.  These suggestions include placing a small stop sign at their western entry and/or making their parking lot a one-way drive.  Mark? – will draft the letter to be sent.


It was suggested that the emergency fund money (the amount dues were increased by this year – $100/homeowner) be kept separate, in order to track our emergency fund and its effectiveness.  This will be done by Heidi by depositing the full amount ($7400) in our savings account before years end.


Potholes will be fixed by early summer.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

Respectfully submitted by Heidi Hagemeier.  Sec/Tres

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