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Ponderosa HOA Board Meeting – March 2012

Ponderosa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

Thursday, January 17th – 6pm


Attendance:  Heidi Hagemeier, Larry Wakefield, John Crahan, Elaine Crahan, Mitchel Leu, Monty Brown, Mark Saubert


Tentative date for Annual Meeting – Tuesday, April 16th

Elaine will call and verify date.


Discussion on chicken addendum proposed by Jennifer Robinson:

Board voted unanimously against allowing chickens in Ponderosa Estates.

Mark will write a letter to send to Jennifer Robinson explaining the reasons the board discussed for turning down the addendum.


Financial Update:

Checking Acct:  $30,945

Saving Acct:  $3,654

2 Homeowners still owe for 2012:  Weisz $500 / Robinson $250

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