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Ponderosa HOA Board Meeting – March 2012

Sircek Rd residents asked Ponderosa to help pay for paving their road.  Elaine wrote letter telling them no.


Staso’s don’t owe dues for 2011 because of fence deal – Heidi – look back at deal made with them and correct records.

Martini – SNS Corp, Richard Bevel – still owes $500 for 2011- Larry will start process for lien

Water Quality – Mitchell Leu is taking care of public announcement, and the bullet points listed from the Environmental Quality letter.


New metal trash can and poop bags in the park. – Thank you John Crahan!


Tax suggestions – Heidi – collect bids for mowing park w/pump house areas and without (check with Benedict/Huslander son)


Budget vs. Annual –


Playground Proposal – What can we get $5K?


Annual Mtg – date?  Need 15 day advance notice.  Set date for mtg. after I come back with info for playground.


Financial Update:

CD: $18,700      Maturing on 10/18/2012.  Interest Rate of 1.9%.

Checking Acct:  $14,100

Saving Acct:  $150.00

Dues paid for 2012:  $17,000

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