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Ponderosa HOA Board Meeting – May 2014

Ponderosa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

Thursday, May 8th – 7pm


Attendance:  Heidi Hagemeier, Larry Wakefield, John Crahan, Elaine Crahan, Mitchel Leu, Monty Brown, Mark Saubert & Brace Hayden


Annual Meeting Date discussion –

Decision was made to conduct it before our annual Block Party

This will be held on Sunday, August 10th


There have been many positive comments about the Ponderosa Library that was set up at the mailboxes.  Thank you so much to John Crahan for all the work he put into making it for our neighborhood!  Elaine would like to go to the used book store in the coming weeks to collect more children’s books.  Anyone is welcome to take a book or donate book!


Rocky Mtn. Supervac is mowing our park area this summer.  Heidi – ask them to mow the island and pump house #2 lawn as well; also set up mowing of greens.


Neighborhood improvements needing to be done this summer:

*  Paint all well houses

*  Re-roof well house #3 in park

*  Finish mailbox roof structure and paint

Mitchell – replace batteries in motion light in the fall

*  John Crahan and Doug Dye – noxious weed control

They will be spraying 24d in the near future – this does not kill grass or shrubs and they will be spraying specific noxious weeds that are a       problem in our neighborhood.  Heidi – let homeowners know that there are 2 backpack sprayers available for their use in the shed at the park.  Contact a board member to unlock the shed whenever you would like to use them.

*  Entryway sign area no longer has access to water for the plants.  Because of this we will be switching out the bushes and flowers for a rock garden and plants that live on less water.  Thank you to Debbie & Monty Brown who will be taking care of this in the coming months.


Kyle Stafford has shown interest in putting in a horse shoe pit at the park.  The board is supportive of the idea on the volley ball/ice skating rink side of the park and would like him to submit a plan of where, what is needed and costs to Larry Wakefield (Architectural Committee) before starting.  Heidi – let Kyle know.


The question was posed to the board about our finances and the need for an emergency reserve fund to cover the association in the event of a large expense.  i.e. one of our 3 pumps go out or repaving of all or some of our road system.


MOTION by Mark Saubert – Ponderosa Homeowner’s Association commits to saving 10% of the dues collected (currently $3700)yearly starting in 2014 in order to build up an emergency reserve fund.


Discussion continued including whether or not to propose a dues increase to help build up the fund quicker or cover the cost without affecting our checking acct. balance.  Larry Wakefield is going to compile a comparison of HOA dues in our valley.  Before raising the dues a vote with a homeowner quorum would be needed. Mitchell Leu will compile a list of emergency costs that could arise and their potential costs.


Motion seconded by Larry Wakefield and passes unanimously.


The suggestion was made that our Homeowner’s board have a form letter written that we could print and mail to specific homeowners when they are not in compliance with Article 3, paragraph 6, which reads:  Campers, trailers, boats and boat trailers and motor homes must be placed in a garage or other location screened from view.  Mark Saubert will write this up.


New 2014 Directories are made and will be mailed out with a brief letter of our plans for the Annual Mtg. as well as news of the improvements that will be done this summer by Heidi.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted by Heidi Hagemeier.  Sec/Tres

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