Roads and Traffic

Please remember to drive slow and watch for children

The roads in the subdivision continue to hold up well.  This is a result of quality workmanship during construction and a continuing emphasis on maintenance.

Snow Season

  • The main expense on a yearly basis for roads relates to winter conditions of snow and ice.  This involves snow plowing and gravelling the road.  The standing arrangement we have with the current snowplower/graveler is that the roads will be plowed with any accumulation of 2 inches or more of snow.  Emphasis is on morning plowing, when possible, to accommodate school bus traffic and people getting out of the subdivision in the morning.  Gravelling of the road surface tends to be on a as needed basis and most often requires a call from the person in the subdivision responsible for roads.  The person plowing the roads is allowed discretion to gravel the road if they feel it is warranted.
  • Homeowners in the subdivision are encouraged to call the road maintenance person if they see a need to either plow or gravel the road.

Warm weather season

  • In the spring the gravel from the previous winter is swept up and disposed of.  This usually occurs late April or early May.  After the road is swept any potholes that exist are patched.  Filling of cracks occurs each year during times of cool, dry weather, when the cracks are widest, allowing for better filling of the cracks.  This will be either in the spring or fall depending on conditions.


The subdivision also maintains the extension of Ponderosa Lane to Sirucek Lane on the northeast side of the subdivision.  This road is not in the subdivision but we do have two existing right-of-ways and maintain the road for the benefit of our homeowners and as a good neighbor to those people living in proximity to the subdivision.  Some of these neighbors pay a fee to the subdivision to help in covering the cost of maintenance.