Rules to Abide by

Annual dues must be paid fully in accordance with invoices sent by the HOA. At present annual dues are sufficient to cover the homeowner’s cost for common area services (including roads) and water. The HOA board encourages homeowners who might have special needs to contact us to discuss if alternate payment plans can be accommodated. However in absence of any alternative agreed upon plan, nonpayment of dues will be fully enforced in accordance with covenant provisions, including suspension of services.

  • At no time is it allowed to have a motor home or trailer used as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Unused motor homes and trailers must be parked in a garage or otherwise screened from street view.
  • As a matter of safety, vehicles should be parked in homeowner driveways and not on Ponderosa streets.

Site changes including:

  • fences
  • out-buildings
  • substantial changes to the primary dwelling such as roofing
  • substantial landscaping changes must receive architectural approval of the HOA in advance.

Removal of trees with a diameter of 8 inches or greater measured 12 inches above the ground must have advance approval of the HOA.

Please see the page on this site that is dedicated to pets. The HOA recognizes the important place that pets hold in a family. At the same time there must be enforcement of rules that provide for homeowner safety and property rights.
Garbage containers are to be removed from the street within a reasonable time after garbage pick-up. Containers must be kept in a garage or otherwise screened from street view.